Our Mission

At Sunflower Family Concierge, we specialize in:

  • Helping senior citizens stay comfortably in their homes, while continuing to be an active, vibrant part of their families and community.
  • Helping families of seniors maintain work/life balance.


We will come alongside you as your Personal Assistant and help you live the life of your choice. We see no reason to give up things you enjoy! And there is no reason for you to lose control of your choices. We will help you maintain the independence you need so you can steer your own ship.
  • As your Personal Assistant, whether you’re a senior or the family of a senior, we are the extra set of hands you need in order to make life at home function happily, comfortably, and free of stress.
  • We also offer an extensive and unique errand service, absentee home checks if you’re away, wellness visits and a ‘wait service’ for deliveries and repairmen.
  • We strive to help our senior clients stay intellectually and socially stimulated by offering unique and customizable companionship services.
  • Our Personal Assistants will help host parties and gatherings, maintain a reasonably sized garden, and accompany you to a wide range of social events.

All of our services can be customized, by you, to fit your exact wants and needs.

We recognize our clients’ need for a good working relationship with the consistently same concierge/personal assistant.  We do our very best to provide this to each and every client.

woman grocery shopping

We offer services and companionship in unique ways.

You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a personal assistant. We offer customized packages based on your specific needs and budget.

A Simple 3 step Process



Together we’ll review your needs and our services to find the perfect fit.


Relax and

enjoy life.

“After checking with several ‘caregiver’ organizations…we settled on Cindy Baker of Sunflower Family Concierge. What a Godsend she has been! Mom has improved greatly with Cindy’s help, but more importantly, Mom is happy. The incredibly caring demeanor of Cindy and her team of helpers is not quantifiable, but if it were, it would be off the charts. Sunflower Family Concierge has a myriad of services they provide, in addition to caregiver.”