About US

Hello, I’m Cindy Baker, founder and owner of Sunflower Family Companies.

The seeds for Sunflower Family Concierge were planted over 50 years ago. In 1964, my mother found herself in a position where she had to take a job outside of our home.  My brother and I walked home from school, let ourselves in, made our own after school snacks and tried not to get into fist fights.  (Never my fault, of course!) Sometimes we had the chance to stay with our Aunt Betty.  Aunt Betty planted the seeds.  Her home ran like a Fortune 500 company.  She baked bread and pies on Monday.  On Tuesday, she did the washing and the ironing.  On Wednesday…you get the idea.  Her dinner table was always beautifully set, the meals homemade and amazing. She made THE best chocolate chip cookies!  She was always calm, pleasant and organized.  I knew I wanted to be just like her.

After I married and had children, I got that chance. I loved being a homemaker. I enjoyed making a comfortable and beautiful environment. I learned we could organize closets, rooms and kitchens – even bathrooms – so that each child could function independently, no matter their age. Having a functional and organized home freed their growing minds to focus on important things they were learning. Because I had finicky eaters, I researched how to make healthy meals taste good by hiding health-boosting ingredients in things that they would eat. We had a list of jobs each person was to complete every day, so that they learned the importance of working. We enrolled them in classes that would challenge them mentally, socially and physically.  We read timeless classics together every night before bed.  Very often, we had friends and family over for meals and we made them as special and beautiful as possible.  We made memories on holidays.

There is just something in me that loves doing this!  I truly believe it is my vocation.

Life moved at a slower pace back then than it does now. Many things in our world have changed. But our needs and desires haven’t changed all that much. People still yearn for organization, beautiful environments and healthy meals. They yearn to connect with loved ones.

Senior citizens long to continue the same quality of life they’ve enjoyed.  They still wish to be in their homes, to keep them lovely and welcoming so the family will continue to visit. They still have the need to connect with friends and be out in the community.

Children of aging parents would prefer to spend quality time enjoying those parents instead of running their errands and taking care of their daily business.  This can really test the limits of our patience – usually we are still raising families and pursuing careers as well. It definitely takes the joy out of our relationships with our parents.

Sunflower Family Companies is pleased to offer you the same joyful dedication to making life beautiful, organized and free of unnecessary stress that our family has enjoyed for many years.  We would consider it a pleasure and privilege to come alongside you and/or your family and serve as your personal assistant.

"Life Is Not Measured By the Number of Breaths We Take, But By the Moments That Take Our Breath Away." Maya Angelou