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Did you know the average American spends

hours each year running errands
hours each year waiting on hold
hours each year waiting in traffic
minutes per week shopping for groceries

Data from Use Institute; Food Marketing Institute; Bureau of Labor Statistics; USDA; Live Science; Statista

Isn’t there another way you’d rather spend 700 hours?

Here’s how we do it!


Home Organization

Are you always searching for something you’ve misplaced? You may need a professional to organize your closet, kitchen, pantry, storage room or garage. We love organizing!


Home Management

From planting small gardens and flower pots to changing light bulbs, we’ve got you covered.


Holiday Preparations

No matter what the holiday, we can assist you. For example, we can help with shopping or ordering, gift wrapping, addressing and mailing cards or invitations, home decorating, party planning and preparation. Check with us for all holiday promotions and packages.


Errands & Shopping

Grocery shopping, dry cleaning drop off/pickup, return/exchange items to stores, post office runs, personalized gift shopping, prescription pick-ups, and more.

Boxes on shelves

Wait Service

Wait Service for repairmen and deliveries. Need someone to be there for the cable guy or the delivery of the new dishwasher?

Sunflower Family Concierge - Auto Waiting

Vehicle Wait Services

How about taking the car in for maintenance, oil changes, or having tires rotated?

lady watering plants

Home Watch

Absentee Home Watch. Get away from it all and don’t worry about a thing. We will coordinate necessary emergency exterior and interior maintenance, do security checks, water your plants, feed the goldfish, bring in package deliveries and mail. We will even restock your refrigerator with supplies for your return – just leave us a list.

Sunflower Family Concierge Home Hospitality

Home Hospitality

You still want to be the hub of your family and friends, but need assistance in hosting gatherings?  Our personal assistants help you with those gatherings.

Sunflower Family Concierge Meal Prep

Help with Meal Preparations

Don’t we all wish we had a personal chef to help us eat healthy meals?  We do light meal prep, plan menus, shop and organize your meals so all you have to do is toss things together when you’re ready.


Wellness Checks

If an adult child lives out of the area and needs someone to stop by periodically and see how mom and dad are doing, give us a call. We do that regularly for both local and remote adult children.

man playing chess with son

Companionship at Home & Social Events

Just need someone to visit with and have a cup of coffee, discuss current events, play a game of checkers or cribbage, do a book review? You name it and we can fill the bill.

Notary working - Sunflower Family Concierge

Notary Public

Yes, we even have a mobile Kansas-certified Notary Public that will come to your residence when documents need to be notarized – at your convenience.

Let Us Know How We Can Be There For You Today!

There Must be 70 Ways to Use Your Concierge


  • Personalized Grocery Shopping. Upon delivery, we:
    • Organize and tidy up refrigerator
    • Organize pantry
    • Check expiration dates
    • Make list of items that are getting low
  • Dry cleaning drop off/pick up & delivery
  • Prescription pick up
  • Personal shopping for items other than groceries
  • Bulk shopping such as Sam’s Club or Costco
  • Returns/Exchanges
  • Gift shopping and wrapping
  • Deliver shoes and/or clothing for mending
  • Pick up items from the hardware store
  • Drop off donations to Good Will, Salvation Army, etc.
  • Return library books. Pick up new library books
  • Post Office/UPS pick up/delivery


  • Change light bulbs
  • Update home décor
  • Change out seasonal décor
  • Deliver flower arrangements
  • Prepare porches/outdoor rooms for changing seasons
  • Light Gardening
  • Purchase and plant flowers for spring, summer or fall (small areas and/or potted items); Purchase seeds and/or vegetable plants and plant

home organization

  • Most people perform better when life is organized.  We can help you sort through the years of accumulated items and organize them.  Our organizers LOVE to:

    • Organize closets, drawers, cabinets
    • Organize pantries
    • Organize specific rooms, such as kitchens.
    • Organize linen closets


  • Schedule and arrange your service calls
  • Wait for deliveries, repairmen and service vendors. You don’t have to be at the mercy of a vendor’s schedule. We can be there to wait for their arrival while you take care of more important things or while you are at other events/appointments.
    Some examples:
    • Wait for landscapers
    • Wait for the phone or other utility company
    • Wait for appliance or furniture deliveries
    • Accept packages that require a signature
    • Wait for contractors, plumbers or other repairmen and remain in your home until the complete the job if you prefer


  • One of our favorite things to do is plan parties.  We can help you prepare for family suppers, holidays or small gatherings (book clubs, bridge games for example).
    • Assist in planning and sending out invitations, either by email or regular mail
    • Coordinate catering services and/or food and drink delivery
    • Pick up and deliver supplies for event (flowers, food, beverages, etc.)
    • Coordinate table settings
    • Coordinate hiring servers if needed
    • Quietly restore your dining area after the meal while you have dessert and drinks with your guests
    • Attend to the needs of out-of-town guests


  • Peel, chop and dice your fruits, vegetables and protein for one or more meals so you can just toss things together and enjoy.
  • Meal deliveries according to a special diet can be managed. We can recommend a nutritionist and personal chef to prepare and deliver meals.
  • Plan menus and grocery shopping lists weekly. If you are beginning a special diet and working with a nutritionist, it will be necessary to plan these menus in conjunction with him/her, at least for the first few times.
  • Separate, package, date and freeze items such as meat
  • Rotate dated items in freezer


Let’s face it!  Holiday preparation is overwhelming at any age.  It takes a village to prepare and host.  We offer a few ways to help you retain your traditions and still enjoy the holiday.

  • Decorating
  • Buying cards, addressing and mailing
  • Buying gifts, wrapping and mailing
  • Helping you bake your favorite holiday treats. Everyone has a special treat that is essential to a holiday memory.
  • Coordinating catering
  • Coordinating clean up
  • Attending to the needs of out-of-town guests


Many clients ask for services involving managing their homes while they’re away.  It may be a short business trip or a longer vacation, maybe even a hospital stay.

  • We will pick up your mail
  • Bring Amazon deliveries in from the porch
  • Make sure outside watering systems are working properly
  • Water potted plants inside and out
  • Notify you if there appears to be an emergency inside or outside
  • Coordinate repairs in an emergency situation
  • Restock the refrigerator with supplies for your return


If you’re having a surgery or not feeling well, we will stop by to check on you. We can drop in to offer any of our services at that time.


  • Attend events as your companion
  • Take care of details for that event. We obtain your tickets if applicable, drop you at the door, park your car and accompany you to your seating assignment.
  • We think ahead so you don’t have to worry about things like locating bathrooms. We remember to bring fresh water bottles, small snacks and tissues.
  • Maybe you need a quiet afternoon at home, but would like someone to visit with and have a cup of coffee. Or to discuss current events.
  • How about doing a book review?
  • Play cribbage or checkers?
  • Other ideas?


  • Take a car for motor vehicle inspections
  • Take car for washing/detailing
  • Wait for tires to be rotated or replaced
  • Wait for oil change
  • Wait for other maintenance and repairs
  • Take car for estimates when repairs are needed


  • We have a Kansas Notary Public who is available to come to your home when you have documents requiring notarization.