client Testimonials


Sunflower Family Concierge has been a lifesaver for me. When I moved from my home to an independent living community Cindy Baker was there to assist with pretty much anything I need help with. She is so accomodating and helpful. Since I don’t drive, we schedule errands wherever I need to go. We have so much fun shopping. I’m totally thrilled with the whole process. On top of everything else, she recommended a realtor and I have been pleasantly surprised at how well that process is going. In short, if you need some help and don’t know where to start, call Sunflower Family Concierge. 

-Paula C. 

I cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation for the outstanding service provided to my elderly father by the team at Sunflower Family Concierge. Cindy is compassionate and professional in her interactions with my dad and me. SFC’s services have made a big difference in my dad’s life and have allowed me to have peace of mind knowing he has someone to care for him and assist him with daily activities he finds more difficult to do as he grows older.
I like how they focus on maintaining my dad’s independence, letting him have a say in decisions and new changes in his life. The communication with and reliability of Sunflower Family Concierge is top-notch. I wholeheartedly recommend SFC to anyone seeking exceptional care for their loved ones.

-Sarah W

“Are you thinking of moving?  Please-before you do anything else, contact Cindy Baker of Sunflower Family Concierge.    Cindy is a master of organization.  She and her team have boundless energy.  She got me moved from my townhouse into an apartment in two weeks – and I never packed a box!  Give yourself a break – call Cindy!”

Victoria B.

Not only is Cindy of Sunflower Family Concierge a great concierge, but she is also a good friend.

-Phil A.


After our Mother fell ill and we discovered that she was not only failing to take her meds properly, she also wasn’t eating her meals. We discovered that she had a severe infection that had greatly affected her ability to do most things. We decided that we had to either move her from an independent living facility to an assisted living facility, which absolutely did not appeal to either her or us, or we had to find an alternative. After checking with several ‘care giver’ organizations, and introducing some of these to our Mother, we settled on Cindy Baker of Sunflower Family Concierge. What a Godsend she has been! Mom has improved greatly with Cindy’s help, but, more importantly, Mom is happy. The incredibly caring demeanor of Cindy and her helper is not quantifiable, but if it were, it would be off the charts. Sunflower Family Concierge has a myriad of services they provide, in addition to care giver. We have not had the opportunity to avail ourselves of these other services, but we plan to in the future. Thanks again for all you do!

-Marilyn P.

“I recently moved from a three-bedroom spacious home I had shared with my wife, to a one-bedroom townhouse.  Just the thought of everything that had to be done was overwhelming.  The team at Sunflower Family Concierge saved the day.  They arranged for bids from moving companies, set a timeline for what needed to be done (and when), helped me figure out what furniture to take and where it would be located in the new residence, and then meticulously packed all my personal items.  When the moving company showed up, everything was ready.  The SFC team oversaw the loading process and were waiting at my new place when the furniture and boxes were delivered.  I walked into a home that was ready to be lived in – the furniture placed just as diagrammed, dishes in the cupboards, silverware in the drawers, clothes in the closet, bed made, linen closet stocked, washer and dryer ready to go.

SFC sought bids from two different online estate sale companies.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well I came out after the sale.  And if that wasn’t enough, they recommended a realtor that specializes in senior moves.  Perhaps the most important of all was their continued emotional support through the entire process.  They were always available and took care of any issues within their scope of responsibility in a timely manner.  If you plan on downsizing and moving, I highly recommend Sunflower Family Concierge.”

Thomas T.

Cindy Baker with Sunflower Family Concierge has been a wonderful addition to my mother’s caregiving circle. Cindy has spent countless hours of quality with Mom by encouraging her to engage in normal daily activities which keeps her physically and socially active within her retirement community. She has been such a kind, caring companion and I truly believe that her assistance is helping my Mom to live as comfortably as she can in her own home as long as possible. Cindy has been a blessing to us both and her companionship to my Mom is appreciated beyond measure.

-Jessica C.

Cindy Baker has created something from nothing –a business from scratch named Sunflower Family Concierge. She is an entrepreneur! Entrepreneurship makes the world go around and is the most important function or essence of a business venture. She has a management plan, describing methods of operation, objectives, and positive ideals. In effect, she is halfway through the process of meeting her goals! Thanks, Cindy, for your contribution to capitalism and our way of life. Hats off to Cindy Baker!!!

-Tom C., a grateful client.

“For anyone who is looking for extra care for their loved one, Cindy Baker is the one for you!  My mom is living independently at age 85 with Cindy’s help.  It is such a peace of mind to have an extra set of eyes on my mom for an hour a day.  She not only encourages my mom to take her daily walks to keep up her strength but has such a special way of relating to her.  She’s gone out of her way to find activities, books, field trips and more to connect with my mom.  My mom considers Cindy a friend, who she has ‘so much in common with.’  Cindy has truly been a blessing for our family.  I would strongly recommend her.”

Dorie P.